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IZBA Rustic Rye Organic vodka

IZBA® Rustic Rye vodka – bronze medal winner at 2023 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

General Organic Distillery presents IZBA® Rustic Rye vodka. IZBA® vodka is crafted in small batches at our family distillery in the Hunter Valley, NSW. We make this vodka from scratch, fermenting and distilling it in-house. The marriage between the rustic sourdough rye bread, also baked at our distillery, and the artisanal spirit yields the beautiful colour and rich grain aroma of IZBA® Rustic Rye vodka.

Sweet, creamy nose. Warm grains on the palate. Smoky grainy lingering taste.

Best served at room temperature. Enjoy sipping it straight or on the rocks from a whisky or lowball glass.

In 2023 IZBA® Rustic Rye vodka won a bronze medal at Australian Distilled Spirits Awards. Established in 2015, the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards are the first and largest national awards program recognising excellence in Australian distilled spirits and liqueurs. 863 entries from 227 exhibitors were submitted to the 2022 competition.

Melbourne Royal. Australian Distilled Spirits Awards.